Hi, I’m Steffi, German, living in the Nashville area since Summer 2017. I was born in Cologne and lived in Spain and London. My last 13 years in Europe I spent in Switzerland. I’m married to a Scotsman, have an adult son and a teenage daughter.

I love jewelry, travel and fashion. Working as a Personal Fashion Stylist & Shopper for years made me realize how important accessories like jewelry are for a great look. I know a lot about color harmony which helps me with my designs. During 20 years in Sales & Marketing for Lufthansa I travelled all over the world. The different cultures influenced my feeling for style and art a lot. 

My passion for beautiful colors and designs drives my love for creating aesthetic pieces of jewelry. I always have the woman or man in mind who will wear my art. 

I believe everyone should have beautiful jewelry to express themselves and their personality. Most of my pieces exist only once. They are unique, just like you are. 

I hope you’ll enjoy wearing my jewelry as much as I enjoyed making it for you!