Swarovski Crystal Pearls Boho Style Earrings




Swarovski Crystal Pearls Boho Style Earrings
Swarovski Crystal Pearls Boho Style Earrings

These are Boho earrings with genuine Swarovski Crystal Pearls. The Boho beads in the middle of the earring are handmade out of clay and are decorated with metal and rhinestone embellishments.

Earring 1 – Pink & Gold with pink Swarowski Crystal Pearls
Earring 2 – White & Black & Silver with grey Swarowski Crystal Pearls

The Swarovski Crystal Pearls are from Austria. The Swarovski pearl, also known as the Swarovski Crystal pearl, is an imitation pearl that is created by using a Swarovski crystal at the center rather than a plastic bead. Using crystals rather than plastic beads yield a surprisingly realistic imitation pearl.

The crystal base at the center is the factor that sets these imitation pearls apart from others. Each completed Swarovski pearl exhibits a more luminous appearance than other imitation pearls.

Swarovski pearls are more durable and easier to maintain than real pearls! Made with a long-lasting crystal core, these finished crystal pearls shine in the light with a pearlescent coating that’s both lovely and tough. Swarovski’s high quality construction also assures that these pearl beads won’t chip around the holes like other pearls can.

They’re highly resistant to perspiration, wear, washing, perfume and the sun’s rays.
They are also resistant to scratches. This makes them ideal for daily wear.

The ear hooks I used are nickel free.

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Pink, White