Welcome, I create fun & funky Boho jewelry. Most of my pieces are unique and all of them are handmade with love by me. Sit back, step in and browse my page, enjoy – Steffi.


My Black and White bracelets can be worn to every occasion and every outfit. This minimalistic chic will always have a major impact. They are timeless, sophisticated and versatile. 

The Everyday Bracelets are fun and funky, colorful and casual. You can wear them from morning to evening. The materials and designs are a little bit different and make you stand out from the crowd.  

We all love a little bit of luxury, don’t we? And we deserve it. My Luxury Bracelet Collection is more sparkly, more exquisite, more outstanding than my normal bracelets. Pamper yourself with an luxurious piece of jewelry. Every bracelet is unique. 

My Personalized Bracelets let you create a one-of-a-kind bracelet with your initials or your name, your favorite place or person, dreams and thoughts … you name it!


My Swarovski Crystal Pearls Necklaces are made out of genuine Swarovski pearls. Swarovski pearls are of high quality. They feel and look like real pearls. The crystal base is the factor that sets these imitation pearls apart from others. I love to add tassels or pendants to these sophisticated necklaces.

For my Long Tassel Necklaces I use Swarovski crystal pearls, glass beads or gemstones. Tassels are either leather or silk/cotton. I was inspired by folk and hippie influences while making these Boho style necklaces.

The Everyday Necklaces are fun, funky and casual like the Everyday Bracelets. They come as Short Necklaces or as Long Necklaces. Quite often you’ll find a matching bracelet.

Boho chic today means combining vintage, bohemian elements with modern, simple styles. You’ll find this fashion trend reflected in my Long Pendant Necklaces. Pendants are impressive Druzy style pieces or stone hearts.